Week-by-Week Post Partum Recover Tips

This post focuses on my recent postpartum experience, particularly tips that helped me navigate those first 9 weeks post partum. Let’s face it, those early days are a blur, but a little planning and self-care can go a long way. Read up on essential elements of recovery.

Week 1: Rest & Recharge

Newborns sleep a lot! Take advantage of this precious time to get some rest yourself. This might be the most sleep you get for a while, so savor it!

Nourish Your Body: Don’t neglect meals – you’ll need the energy. Stay hydrated, and focus on a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy fats. Oatmeal is a popular choice for breastfeeding mamas – it’s said to boost milk supply.

Gentle Recovery:  Don’t worry about exercise as much, take good care using products to heal the perineal area.

Read up about the confinement period and how to prepare yourself for the weeks ahead.

Week 2: Feeding on Demand & Staying Stocked Up

By now, you’ll start to see a feeding routine emerge. Feed your baby when they’re hungry, let them guide you. It’s going to start getting more challenging as baby starts to eat more, so take it easy on yourself – prioritize rest and avoid social outings for now.

Finance Tip: I budgeted really well for buying baby items during pregnancy (waiting for Black Friday and using coupons for bigger ticket items like strollers and cribs), and when baby came, I was able to splurge on same day delivery and Target deliveries rather than having to go out to replenish supplies more often. You’ll see during those late night long feeds, impulse buying can become a real habit, so make sure you have a little saved so you don’t stress yourself out, especially if you’re without pay on maternity leave like I was!

Week 3: Asking for Help

This week can be challenging. Sleep deprivation sets in, and your baby’s needs feel constant. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Delegate chores, order takeout, or consider a postpartum doula.

Preparation is Key: Stock up on diapers, wipes, and easy-to-prepare meals to minimize trips out. Having clean clothes readily available is a lifesaver – laundry can wait!

I started batching out the laundry (washing everyone’s laundry together, then quickly separating them into corners on the bed once clean, and stuffing it in drawers). I’m not proud of how it looks, but the clothes are clean, I got some extra rest in, and we will have to live with wrinkles for a couple weeks.

Weeks 4-7: Finding Your Rhythm

Things get a bit easier. Hopefully, you’ll develop a system for feeding and sleeping. Longer stretches of sleep might appear, but be prepared for setbacks.

Week 8: Feeling More Myself

By week 8, you’ll likely feel more like yourself again. Continue to prioritize rest, but short, essential outings are okay. I started having visitors this time and connecting with friends, although I know some people may want to have visitors earlier after birth. Just make sure your partner or you notify the visitors that you won’t be in the best shape to entertain. They’ll usually understand!

Week 9: Routine & Connection

A routine starts to solidify. Baby is sill sleeping a lot, but also awake for longer periods. This is a great time to bond with your baby. Read, sing, play – create those special memories together!

Looking Back: A Calmer Approach

This time around, I felt much calmer compared to my first postpartum experience. Having supplies on hand made a big difference! Remember, mamas, it’s okay to ask for help. Delegate, prioritize your well-being, and focus on healing, bonding, and getting through those early weeks. You’ve got this!

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