6 Weeks Post Partum Tips for Good Recovery

Postpartum this time around.  Helpful tips that helped me survive and almost thrive after 6 weeks.

Week 1: Baby sleeps a lot, euphoria and saved up energy from pregnancy takes you through. Make sure to sleep when baby sleeps, and eat plenty. Don’t worry about movement/exercise as much, take good care using products to heal down there. Eat oatmeal every day for milk supply. Eat fruits, veggies, plenty of liquids, and proteins.

Week 2: Starting to notice baby’s feed schedule, feed when baby needs it. Rest, still don’t go out.

Week 3: Try to survive, use as much help as you can. Don’t worry about cleaning/cooking, outsource if you can. This is when it’s really important to have all your supplies ready, especially clothes and meal prep, so you don’t have to spend so much time doing laundry.

Week 4-7: Starting to get the system down, towards 2 months, baby is sleeping longer stretches but may regress.

Week 8: Feel more myself, still get rest and limit going out 1x a day, short trips, as needed.

Week 9: Routine developing. Get rest when you can, but enjoy baby time and engage. He is awake more often and loves to spend time with you! Read, sing, dance, play, exercise, massage, etc.

Notes from Week 6 looking back and comparing to my first post-partum 3 years ago, where I wasn’t prepared.

  • Have Mom or nanny around if possible. Be grateful, express it often.
  • Lactation counseling to help with milk supply and feeding baby.
  • Pump to bring supply up.  Boob massager and sunflower lecithin.  Lots of oatmeal for more milk.
  • No cold drinks. Lots of hot brothy soups. Watercress and lots of leafy green veggies. Variety of fruits, don’t eat when super cold. No ice cream, limit caffeine and spicy foods.
  • Stay inside, stay warm, cover body parts and especially feet when you can. Have socks on at least 2 weeks straight. Limit showers the first month. I probably did a shower 1-2x a week max. Wash and care for down there frequently though.
  • Asian foods, noodles and soups, limited fried things. Plenty of protein. Yogurt, whole milk, but mostly oatmeal with omega nuts in morning. Prenatal and calcium supplements. Fish and omega, nuts.  Follow your own hunger cues. Lots of water and electrolytes and coconut water prn.
  • Huckleberry app to track feeds and sleeps and activity. aim for pattern by month 2, roughly.
  • Skin to skin as much as possible, with daddy too.
  • Keep baby warm, fed, burped. See youtube for help on how to burp effectively.
  • Burping tips, massage to fart extra gas by mom.
  • Eat lots of fiber plus stool softener.
  • Sleep when baby sleeps first 2 weeks. Prioritize yourself.  Don’t go out.  Keep older sibling away from daycare and germs if possible. Ask for help. Let ppl know about pp. Rest first, chores can wait.  Have extra stuff so you don’t constantly need to be washing or replacing. Use delivery services like shipt. Take gifts.
  • Limit or no visitors at hospital to get rest.  Use nursery care to get sleep. Limit phone to get rest. Eat all the healthy food, aim for fiber, fruits and veggies, protein, eat a lot.
  • Prep older sibling as much as possible. Model feelings and empathy, treat each child as an individual.  Do not neglect baby, divide and conquer with partner.
  • Special time with big sibling, model attention and balance. Don’t bribe, set rules for your time. Prioritize rest up to the first 30 days. Then slowly go out.
  • Good tools for first month: swaddles, boppy for congestion, big muslins and hospital swaddles, newborn Avent passy, nursing pads to clean up,  caterpillar pillow,  breast friend, maternity pillow, weighted eye mask, granola snacks like Luna bars. Maybe small white noise machine. Happiest baby tips for sleeping. Pack and play raised high. Black and white cards, goodnight moon, brown bear, peekaboo. Grownsy bottle warmer and water heating pad. Grownsy electric snot sucker.
  • Bf essentials: lecithin, nursing pads, spectra s2, proper flange size, Medela tubes to store up to 80 ml, Philips Avent 4iz bottle and nipples. We are at size 2 at 6wks. Muslin burps and squares, large water bottle w straw, snack drawer. Extra pump supplies. Haaka but don’t use this 1st bc it takes good milk from baby– learned this the 2nd time around.
  • Vitamin d if EBB.
  • Hospital necessities: newborn swaddles, fleece gown for cold weather, coconut water (harmless, we did at least 6 of them), ibuprofen for partner,
  • All hospital pp swag: numb spray,  witch hazel, ice packs, pads, undies. Large water bottle, starter kit for pumping, diapers and wipes, Vaseline tubes and 3×3 gauze for circumcision, large pee pad for first couple weeks bleeding in bed

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