Newborn Essentials For First Time Moms


  • swaddleme swaddles $35 (sooo much easier and helpful for getting baby warm and comfortable again; rather than hospital swaddles)
  • Great alternatives: halo swaddles, happiest baby/ snoo swaddles
  • coconut water for hydration, raspberry tea leaf for healing contractions, your favorite snack bc you deserve it
  • battery pack $18 for phone charging and long charging cord for your phone
  • A bag to collect free hospital things (hospital mesh undies, diapers for you and baby, witches hazel pads, numbing spray).
  • soft, comfortable hospital gown $20 you can nurse in
  • nursing bra and pads for your boobs start leaking (happened to me on day 2)
  • going home outfit different sizes in case your baby big/small (cuz you can’t walk out w a hospital blanket)
  • Optional: light healthy snacks if you’re a snacker, cute newborn outfits and blanket swaddle if you want baby photos

Post partum healing

  • Peri bottle $13 & sitz bath $15, peri soak (like an epsom salt bath but for your now raw parts if you’re doing a v-birth)
  • more raspberry tea leaf
  • full coverage mesh underwear from target (super comfy; I still wear them now)
  • ice packs for underwear (reusable)

First day

  • Haakaa $12 40z, and test tubes ($13 for 12, to collect extra milk), Medela milk storage bags
  • Oatmeal (good for lactation)
  • Pre-natals (make sure you’re still taking enough folic acid, iron, etc.)
  • Backup formula as needed (I like European brands– do your own research and ask me if you need)
  • Chicco corso stroller and carseat set.

First week

  • Kekaroo $150 changing table (or any other cheap one will do, but this one is so sturdy and easy to keep clean if you want more babies).
  • Snoo bassinet (I want to try this as a rental for 3 mo; I heard some babies love it and some don’t; but sleep is too valuable, invest in it)
  • Doc-a-tot ($$$) or amazon wannabe version (we call it the hot dog) so baby can lay. Good up until they start rolling around and off it.
  • Muslin burp cloths $12 for 12 large ones, and swaddles for various uses (swaddling, blanklet, wiping).
  • Maternity bras and pumping ones, cloth nursing pads. Maternity bamboo nipple pads for when your boob leaks.
  • Baby night light $19 (for evening feeds). Get the Hatch baby if you want to sleep train them in the future.
  • Lullaby (youtube) or white noise machine that works for you (don’t buy this too early bc it might not work for you). 

First month

  • Passy? Philips Avent newborn one with doll holder to fit on baby’s chest.
  • Newborn carrier so baby can move around with you while you work.  I like something that’s quick, safe, and comfy. Amazon’s Momtory is soft, easy to put on, and $50, supports up to 25lbs.  I liked the Solly, and Artipoppe is an upscale version of the Ergobaby that I see people using.
  • Floor mat so baby can practice tummy time. I got huge gym mats from target that he got to crawl around freely on with just enough firm cushion bc our floor is tile.
  • Black/white toys so baby can practice tracking
  • Baby books so they can get used to your voice and following it

Month 2-3

  • Baby Bjorn bouncer $209.
  • Ergobaby carrier $125
  • Bumbo (Assisted baby sitter? to sit at table.) Don used it. I didn’t due to possible development issues. Your baby is mostly laying now.
  • Pump (I used hygea fit and spectra $264, given free by insurance– check your insurance), bottle warmer if you want to be extra.
  • Toys with light (they can start to recognize lights).
  • bigger swaddles upgrade from above if your baby likes it

Month 4-6

  • Ergobaby carrier. Toys. Baby feeding stuff and high chair. Exercise mat so baby can roll and practice crawling.
  • Toys with noise and texture (they like to explore and follow sounds)
  • Silicone bib, baby spoons, plastic bowls and plates from target
  • Munchkin simple clean $12 sippy cup with silicon straw that’s removable
  • Munchkin 360 cup $14

Month 7

  • No walkers (bad for their development)
  • No jumpers (bad for their joints)
  • Toys that are real household objects.
  • Non choke-able food. They’ll like food now. I let him snack on Happiest baby snacks for the meltable crunch as well as whole foods cut up small.
  • Maxicosi Minla baby highchair $250 when they’re able to sit. I like the foot rest, the full recline. Easy to clean cover, easy to take off tray, adjustable height, and puts away compactly and doesn’t take up too much space
  • More books
  • Water play and toys
  • Bigger tub for bathing, bathing toys

Age 12 mo

  • Practice walking
  • Lots of outdoor fun

Age 18 months

  • Clothes
  • Practical toys (Montessori)
  • Cleaning and cooking things
  • Picture books
  • Animals, numbers, colors, alphabet

Age 24-30 months (2-2.5 yrs)

  • Start independent play more
  • Advanced Montessori toys
  • Give them more responsibility
  • Building and imagination

Age 36 months (3 years)

  • He can cook and clean now.
  • Plenty of helping out, imaginative play, and show-tell-do.

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